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A Rich History in the Historic Center of Brooklyn

Our Philosophy

Both denominations believe individuals should thoughtfully and prayerfully make up their own minds about what they believe. Both believe that all Christians - laity as well as clergy - are called to be ministers of Jesus Christ. Both believe in the autonomy of the individual local church and see the relationship between the local church and the denomination as a covenantal one. Neither denomination dictates policy or orthodoxy but rather seeks to serve the local church in enriching its life and in fulfilling its mission in the world.  We enjoy our federated status and we take pride and pleasure in the unity amidst diversity which characterizes our makeup.

Who We Are

The First Baptist Church and the Trinitarian Church of Brooklyn formed a Federation in 1940, after one church was destroyed by a hurricane. The Federated Church of Christ is one in the by-laws, properties, finances, in all decision-making processes and in spirit. However, for purposes of denominational affiliation, our American Baptist members and our United Church of Christ members elect delegates to their respective denominations and are encouraged to participate fully at the denominational level.